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A tip for property owners that might save them money & may reduce stress.

Sometimes I'm asked what are some of the duties my property manager should perform for me as an owner/customer? Some of the duties depend on the management agreement, but an important duty are occupied property visits, and these visits should include the property manager viewing the interior of the home. These are important, because you the owner of the property should know how the home looks during Tenancy. You may catch a fair amount of preventative issues if the visits are performed and sent to you. Maybe the Tenants brought an unauthorized pet into the home or maybe the Tenants have additional people living in the home? You may be able to catch these issues if the home is visited during Tenancy. This is just my personal opinion, but I believe occupied homes should be viewed (including the interior) at least 1 time per year and I think for a new Tenant/lease this should happen around the 5th to 7th month of the lease. These visits may help owners save money & help catch issues before they become bigger issues. Matt MacDonald, Experienced Property Management of Jax, Lic Florida Real Estate Broker, 904-257-3303, 9951 Atlantic Blvd Suite 433 Jacksonville FL 32225

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