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Some of what we do:

  • We do not charge any upfront fees and we do not charge a fee if we cannot find you a Tenant. For example if you give us a try for 30 days and if you want to end the agreement we will let you do so without any kind of fee if we have not found you a Tenant. 

  • We will give you a price range that we believe the home should rent or sell for. 

  • We will visit the home and take pictures of it for marketing and documentation purposes. We will also place a sign and add a lock box to the property. 

  • We will market the home on many sites. We have MLS which means Agents with MLS access will see your home as well. 

  • We will perform a background check on all applicants which includes credit, possible evictions, landlord debt and criminal history. 

  • We will perform the lease with the Tenant, collect the rent and security deposit. 

  • We will work on maintenance issues with you, the Tenant and the vendors. 

  • We will make all reasonable efforts to mediate and resolve any issues that may arise during Tenancy. 

  • We will visit the home during Tenancy. 

  • If you and the Tenant decide to renew the lease we can handle the renewal process. 

  • If the Tenant decides to move we will perform a move out inspection and send you a copy of the inspection when the Tenant vacates. We will also handle the security deposit process when the Tenant vacates. 

  • We can also help you with the turn process to help get the home ready for re rental. 

  • We also use a great property management software that helps with accounting, maintenance, communication, marketing and more. 

Why Choose Us & Our Services: Why Choose Us
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