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Tips For Property Owners: 

  • Please talk to your insurance company and let them know that the home is going to become a rental property. You may also want to ask them for suggestions to protect yourself and the home. 

  • A home warranty could be a good idea. If you decide to get a home warranty please ensure it has AC/heat, plumbing, electrical, and appliance coverage. 

  • Keep in mind if the home is homesteaded you may lose the homestead exemption and your property taxes may go up. Please let the tax office know that the home will be a rental property. 

  • To protect you we recommend no pets in or on the property. Pets can sometimes cause damage and there's a liability risk if a dog bites someone on your property. 

  • We do not allow roommates for multiple reasons. One of which is parking issues. We define roommates as 3 or more Tenants/adults that are not related/family. We will allow 2 adults that are not related. 

  • We recommend that you have 6 months of rental income in reserves. Why do we recommend this? There may be repairs that may be needed and the Tenant may not pay the rent and evictions take around 90 days to finalize. 

  • The rental price is very important. Try not to overprice the home, because this could cause a longer vacancy period. 

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