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  • Matt MacDonald

This could help protect a seller and Landlord

The small details can save you from a possible legal issue & a lot of stress. I was working with a couple that was selling their home here in Jacksonville Florida & we received the home inspection back & there was a list of items & one of the items was install anti tip bracket on stove. The husband said I can handle that it will take me less than 10 minutes. I told him part of my job as a real estate broker is to protect them. I told him we need to hire a licensed & insured vendor to install the anti-tip bracket in case god forbid something happens we can say that was done by a licensed & insured vendor & here’s their information. This way the owner does not have a possible legal issue in the future in case something happens. If you are a Landlord or seller it might be a good idea to see if your house has an anti-tip bracket on the stove & if not it might be a good idea to have a licensed & insured vendor install one. I hope this helps.

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